Shadow Zone Official Terms Of Use

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Shadow Zone Official Terms Of Use

Post by Omnipotent on Tue Oct 17, 2017 6:49 pm

1. Advertising
- Advertising of any type will not be allowed. It is strictly prohibited and any type of advertising will result in severe action.

2. Scamming
- We at SZ care about our members. Even the smallest scam will not be tolerated.

3. Fake Vouching / Fake Deal Disputes
- Keep SZ real and legit. Any fake vouches or fake deal disputes will result in your account being closed.

4. Multiple Accounts
- You may only have ONE account on Shadow Zone. We check regularly for multi accounts so don't even try.

5. Leeching
- Leeching and/or reselling other products will not be tolerated. The actions are as follows - you will be forever banned from selling on SZ and/or your account will be closed.

6. Linking to the dark web
- No linking to the dark web. You will be banned.

7. Adult material
- We all know there are probably no kids on here. Regardless of that, do not post any adult material.

8. RAT-ing and infecting other users
- Will result in an immediate ban.

9. False threats on staff members
- We don't care about your threats. Keep them elsewhere. You will be banned without any warning.

10. False threats on verified sellers
- Read rule 9.

11. Repeatedly begging for free paid services/vouch copies
- This is the seller's choice whether he will give you this or not. Repeatedly begging will result in a warning added to your account. 3 warnings and your account will be closed.

12. Suspicious links
- Will be removed and action will be taken on your account.

13. Spamming
- You will receive a warning, too many warnings and your account is gone.

14. Impersonating verified sellers and/or staff members
- This will be detected sooner or later and after that you can wave your account goodbye.

15. Too much insulting and disrespectful behaviour
- Everything has its limits. Keep it clean. You will receive a warning for this.

16. Leeking other members' personal information
- You DOXed someone? Good. Keep it for yourself. This will not be tolerated.

The rules may change at any time.
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