How To Stay Safe On Shadow Zone

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How To Stay Safe On Shadow Zone

Post by Omnipotent on Tue Oct 17, 2017 6:54 pm

~Golden Rule~

- Do not click on any suspicious and unknown links!
- Do not share information that might be used against you!
- Do not make the wrong people your enemies! Rather than doing this, report the issue to us!
- Deal with EXTREME CAUTION in the unverified sellers section. The products there are NOT TESTED and are not guaranteed to work. We ban scammers, but we don't test their products and services! If you want to have a 100% guarantee the service will work, shop in the VERIFIED SELLERS SECTION. Their products are tested and are guaranteed to work!
- Deal with EXTREME CAUTION in the Currency Exchange section. Scammers love to CE scam. If you want to do a currency exchange and want to stay safe, use a trusted middleman service! If not, use trusted and experienced exchangers!
- When doing blackhat deals, make sure you are completely anonymous!
- Be careful who you pick as your mentor!
- If you have any doubts on something, message the administrators for tips.

This may change at any time.
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