Current date/time is Sat Jan 20, 2018 9:46 am


Shadow Zone will be under maintenance and will re-open on 21st (Sunday) January 2018.The reason of this maintenance is that somehow our main attraction - Vantablack's WU transfers sale thread - has been deleted. We don't know exactly how it happened, was it hacked and deleted, or reported multiple times, but we will figure it out. These 2 days we will be working on the forums security and recovering the sales thread. All old customers will be contacted and will renew their vouches. We still have our youtube videos, which prove that the thread did indeed exist. Also more content will be added to the forum. Who did this? We don't know YET. But WE WILL find out and its not gonna go good for the bastard. Stay tuned. - Omnipotent ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All that floats around my head right now is WHY? I've done my best to improve my services and help everyone in need, yet still someone had so much time on their hands that they did all in their power to pull me down. Well guess what? Your hate just makes me stronger, infuriates me and motivates me to progress more. You won't win. Be sure to visit our forum again on Sunday, as my sales thread will be renewed, let's all together make a successful year! - Vantablack